Slant Zero is known for its fast turnaround time and ability to fix difficult problems that other companies have failed to solve. As I always say, hire us when everyone else fails, and I’ll not leave you disappointed!. Our expertise is solving problems and making things happen in the following areas: Linux system administration, website and server migration, database development, website development, content generation, digital marketing, web development, malware removal, and security hardening, and various CMS and eCommerce solutions, and more.

  • We do not do contracts;  we do campaigns.
  • We scale pricing to budget by carefully scheduling ad creation, copywriting, and publishing.  
  • We provide the same level of quality to every customer, regardless of size.  With us, you do not pay more to get better quality; you simply pay for a larger amount of material published more frequently.   
  • Clients with larger budgets publish daily.
  • Clients with mid-sized budgets publish about three times per week.  
  • Clients with smaller budgets publish only three to five times per month.
  • Clients who invest more achieve results more rapidly because they expose a larger number of people to their brand and offerings in a shorter amount of time.  

We keep things within budget tolerance so you consistently invest until you receive a return.  We simply ask that you make a commitment to a campaign schedule. Once that commitment is made, we encourage you to remain consistent in your investment with yourself.  
Campaign runs generally last six months to a year, but there are special campaigns for 90 days and extended campaigns that run over a year.
In reality, the only limits are those that you face, and that you choose to overcome.  
Slant Zero Digital Marketing is here to help you overcome them all.

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