Your Own Digital Magazine
The first step in positioning you for success is to configure your blog to work as a news magazine for your business.  While we are happy to help you build a new website, we are not a web design company per se. The racehorse of your advertising will be your content management system.
This content management and publication tool is carefully coded to allow your ads and articles to be indexed by search engines.  It also enables us to rapidly share this material to all your social media channels.

The best thing we can compare it to is an online magazine, either attached to your existing website or built to look like its website.  This is both your personal printing press and publishing house that we use to spread the word about your company the digital channels throughout the internet.

Once your digital news feed is ready, we follow a specific process that over a decade of marketing has proven to generate results.  

The onboarding process is a series of interviews or surveys that we conduct to learn everything we need to know about your business in order to advertise it.  It is similar to stream of consciousness, but it is guided by strategic questions that allow us to pinpoint your strengths and competitive advantages.

We ask that you invest the time necessary to complete the onboarding process with the understanding that we are not charging you for our time.  The only part of working with slant zero that is time-consuming for you is this process and we make no bones about that. We must learn as much as possible about your business in order to properly, factually, and truthfully promote you to your target market.  Once onboarding is complete, we can move into the background and drive leads to your sales team while you focus exclusively on your customers and operations.

Campaign Development
Campaign development occurs towards the end of the onboarding process and basically covers the entire ground from start to finish for your ad campaign. We develop the storyboards for your videos and ads and the topics for the articles that will promote you. After you have reviewed and approved the campaign, we take it from there.

Social Media Setup
If you are already using social media, we sign a confidentiality form with you and gain access to your social sites.  Your content will not be affected if it is not shared with your social network. If there are social media sites that you do not yet have, we will create social media sites for you at no cost to you. The cost of this is included in your campaign cost. We do not charge an extra setup fee for this or for the content-management system.

Ad Creation
Ad creation begins once you have approved your campaign. If we are making videos, we will begin filming at this time. If we are creating ads using photographs, we will schedule photography if necessary. Our ad specialist knows how to turn these photographs into compelling advertisements for your company. A graphic artist likewise knows how to develop the best infographics and illustrations to promote your value.

Article Development
Articles are developed simultaneously with ads.  Our artists communicate directly with our writers to keep the visual and verbal elements of your marketing in perfect sync with one another.  Each article is done much as it would be in a newspaper or magazine. The visual element is balanced with the written word so that a complete, definitive piece ready for publication. Our team studies search engine analytics and 10 points the key phrases and key terms the different segments of the marketplace or typing into search engines.

We then integrate these keywords into the articles that we write for you. This allows the search engines to match your article to search queries and potential customers are typing in even as you read this. The articles we produce for you provide each reader with enough information on that topic to inform them as to why you are the best possible choice for what they are searching for. We also use strong calls to action to motivate them to email or call your office and begin a conversation with the sales agent.

Organic SEO
Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is integrated into the text of your article and is enhanced through a process known as structured data markup when are web specialist post your ad and your article to your digital news magazine.

SEO ensures that  an article is visible, not just to human beings, but to the artificial intelligence of search engines. This, in turn, generates new search engine rankings for the digital news magazine embedded within your main website.

As you rise in the rankings over an extended period, your brand will be visible to more customers than ever before, and the information published on your content management system will help qualified leads with a targeting capability.

Social Media Syndication
Social media syndication is just like old-fashioned publishing and media placement. The only difference is the media we utilize are  the major social networks that spread the message about your company. All of these networks have either a news feed or a board that provides a perfect publishing forum for your ads in your articles.

If your campaign involves video, you have even more social marketing power because tablets and cell phones turn into TV screens where customers watch the equivalent of commercials.  Consider the cost of television commercials and placement, and compare that our costs for putting the same message literally into your customer’s hand.

What has more power?  What has more value?

Social Media Management
We don’t stop with social syndication.  We actively pursue new followers with proven methods that grow your social network daily.  Our specialists directly engage prospective customers by encouraging them to leave comments, share material, and ask questions.  These conversations inevitably result in qualified leads that funnel directly to your sales agents.

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